BONA Meatball Flour. For More Chewy and Not Slimy Meatballs.

Meatball flour is a flour that you can add in your meat dough when you make a meatball. This extra flour will determine the texture of the meatballs you make.

BONA Meatball Flour make the texture of meatballs become more chewy and not slimy. With BONA Meatball Flour, your meatball dough are also not easily broken even in high temperatures.

The main ingredients: Tapioca flour, palm sago, STPP (sodium tripolyphospat), and flavor enhancer.

Serving suggestion:
1. Mix 1 pack of BONA meatballs flour into 1 kilogram of meat.
2. Add ice cubes while grinding the meat.
3. Dough ready to be formed into meatballs.